The Free University of Bozen – Bolzano is pleased to announce the
Interactive Research Development Workshop and Conference

Internationalization of SMEs –
New Insights and Future Research Opportunities

which will take place in Bozen – Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy)
on May 2-3, 2018

 Submission Deadline: January 25, 2018


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are frequently characterized as dynamic, flexible and innovative and, hence, as being able to respond to changes of the competitive environment faster than large corporations. These characteristics should foster successful internationalization processes that require adaptation of products and services to international customer needs and of organizational structures and workflows to different institutions. SMEs, however, face severe competitive disadvantages resulting from -for example- their liability of smallness, liability of foreignness as well as lack of managerial and financial resources. Their first mover advantage of being fast and flexible turns into a disadvantage with regard to sustaining and defending it against followers that can dip into their rich pool of resources. This becomes especially apparent in the context of the internationalization of SMEs which is for many firms most crucial to stay competitive in a fast-changing environment.

Building on an initial Professional Development Workshop at AOM 2017 in Atlanta, the conference at the Free University of Bozen–Bolzano aims at presenting and discussing fresh ideas and inno­vative research initiatives in the field of the internationalization of SMEs in a more workshop-like format.

We are highly interested in attracting inter-disciplinary research approaches and studies that challenge the status quo in the field rather than perpetuating theories proposed decades ago or adding another small empirical piece to the jigsaw board as the purpose of the conference is to push forward the frontiers in international management research as well as to offer a stage to discuss innovative research ideas as to further develop them.

As such the conference is not limited to the strategic level that may look at the formulation and implementation process of internationalization strategies of SMEs, at different success factors or the impact of different institutional regimes, but as well invites explicitly researchers from different (sub)disciplines such as organizational behavior, human resource management, entrepreneurship, innovation management, family business research, economics and accounting to share their approaches and insights with colleagues.


Keynote Speech:

Tilburg University, Netherlands

“SMEs and International Business Theory”


Program Committee:

Free University Bolzen – Bolzano, local host

Free University Bozen – Bolzano, local host

Free University Bozen – Bolzano, local host

Leeds University Business School

Bocconi University  & Copenhagen Business School

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf